Find Meaning in Your Life.

Life Transition

Life Transition Coaching is for when you are:

  • Experiencing Quarter-Life Crisis (You graduated college, have an entry-level job… and what now?)
  • Muddling through Mid-Life Crisis (You are asking: What is the meaning of life?)
  • Adapting to the changes brought by loss and grief
  • Know that there has GOT to be more to life

You are ready to climb out of the mire of less-than meaningful existence and launch on your journey to a fulfilling future! Vicki will serve as your guide through the adventure Discovering your true self- your gifts and your strengths, Dreaming exciting dreams for yourself, Defining your ways to get there, and Developing the skills you need to make your dreams reality.


Career Coaching is for when you are:

  • A teen wondering which college major or career to pursue
  • A college student with doubts about current major
  • A busy in an unfulfilling career
  • A single parent needing better finances
  • A retiree wanting to invest in a fulfilling part-time cause

What is the best career for you? What is the best way to get there? Vicki will join you on the journey of Discovering your gifts and strengths, Defining your values and interests, Dreaming about the options that will lead to a fulfilling future career, and Developing the skills and abilities you will need to get there!

Symbis Pre-marital

SYMBIS Pre-Marital Coaching is for when you are:

  • A young couple who are ready to empower themselves for the best-everlifetime commitment
  • A newly-married couple who are excited to increase their understanding of each other so that their marriage is even more terrific

Vicki is your certified SYMBIS facilitator. She will guide you on the journey through the official Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts assessment and coaching. This is an exciting and empowering adventure for couples! You will Discover more awesome things about each other, identify Dreams for your life together, Define goals to get there, and Develop practical plans and relationship skills for a wonderful lifetime journey!

Every person was created…

...for a purpose and must fulfill a life journey of discovering, dreaming, and developing their destiny. Is it time for you to discover your God-given callings, to dream inspiring dreams, to live a meaningful present and hope-filled future, and to develop the skills and courage to fulfill your destiny? I believe it is!